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Frontend development is not meant to be a solo activity. Seamlessly integrating with GitHub, the LowCodeUnit platform makes it a collaborative experience with deploy previews for every code change.
orchestration tools that bring open source to your solutions.
pages for your users, faster time to market for your team.
Best practices
for engaging users with modern web projects.
devops powered by modern devops practices.
make it easier to deliver, test, and iterate on solutions that engage users.
Application Modifiers
that integrate analytics, A/B testing, engagement and more.

Design to be open

Build solutions that grow and adapt with the communities you serve. Empower business owners, web admins, and friends.
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Open source for the enterprise
Modern web projects
Automated DevOps
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Start now, scale later. No vendor lock with open-source technology and Fathym's virtual development team. Unlimited sites during beta, lifetime shared hosting for your beta created sites, one custom domain and free SSL.
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data as an Application
iot ensemble + lowcodeunit
Connected? IoT Ensemble data: data as a cloud API. Hosted? Customizable single page app. When? Just a fork away.
Clean Frameworks
svelte + lowcodeunit
Good, clean true low-code feels like crushed velvet. Wrap yourself in it.
Clean Frameworks
lowcodeunit on rails
Let's say your rubies are delivered via rails. Steam engine? Diesel? Nah, let's go mag-lev. Modernize the cloud infrastructure underneath it.
Data as an Application
11ty + + lowcodeunit
Hard to see the forestry through the 11ty trees? Don't lose your head! Commit to being headless!
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